DC Slip and Fall Lawyer

While many people’s initial reaction to a person falling is laughter, a slip and fall accident can often times result in personal injury. If you are suffering an injury due to a slip and fall incident, you may be eligible for financial compensation. A slip and fall case or a trip and fall case is based on the legal theory of premises liability. Under this theory, a property owner or home owner is legally responsible for the condition and maintenance of their property. If the owner is negligence, careless or reckless with regard to their property, a slip and fall injury might occur. Some conditions that contribute to a slip and fall injury include poor lighting, damaged carpeting, a wet floor or stairs that do not have safety railing. While the injuries vary in severity, the type of injuries sustained by a slip and fall can include brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, contusions or at worst, death. A slip and fall attorney in DC can help you determine if you are eligible to file a claim against the irresponsible property owner.

Unfortunately a slip and fall which results in injury does not automatically guarantee a successful personal injury claim. In fact slip and fall cases are some of the most difficult cases to recover. An experienced premises liability attorney may be able to help you determine who is at fault for your injuries and help you recover damages from your fall.

A slip and fall lawyer in DC can determine liability by proving one of three things:

  • the property owner caused the dangerous surface condition,
  • the property owner knew of the dangerous surface condition, but chose not to remove or repair the hazard and/or
  • the property owner should have discovered the hazard through normal property maintenance.

For example, a property owner would be responsible if you walk into a shop or store where the owner allowed a wet floor and you slip and fall injuring yourself. If the owner has not taken appropriate measures to remedy the situation or warn people of the hazardous area, the owner may be liable for your injuries. A high-caliber DC slip and fall lawyer can successfully litigate your claim and obtain a just and fair settlement or award.

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