DC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Accidents that cause spinal cord injuries can happen at work, while running errands, or even at home. They frequently occur while playing contact sports, or to those involved in a car accident. However, they can also result from an infected tooth, falling from a ladder, or slipping in the tub. They can cause long-lasting physical impairment, and in some cases, permanent paralysis. If you have suffered an injury like this as the result of an accident, you need to contact a DC spinal cord injury attorney immediately to evaluate your rights under the law.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can result from car accidents.A spinal cord injury involves the compression or severing of the spinal nerves. This can happen if you fall and land on your back, or have your legs forcefully thrust over your head (which can happen while playing sports). Essentially, it can also occur any time you injure or break a vertebra in the spine, generating pressure on the nerve bundle inside. If such incidents were the fault of someone else, a DC spinal cord injury attorney can help you seek compensation.

Consider calling a DC spinal cord lawyer if you suffer an injury from:

  • Construction accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Other causes of spinal damage

What to Do at the Scene of an Accident

DC spinal cord injury attorneys have seen many instances where mistakes were made by well-meaning people after a spinal injury. If such an accident occurs, and you suspect that the spine was harmed, it is not advisable to move the victim. This can result in completely severing a compressed cord, worsening of nerve damage, or even the inability to breathe without assistance. Doctors advise that the only acceptable reason to move victims is because they are in the direct path of harm (such as a fire, or heavy traffic), or to begin CPR. Unless you are a trained medical respondent, do not attempt to alter the person’s position without calling for first aid. Once proper medical care has been administered, victims should investigate their options by placing a call to a personal injury attorney. For more information on neck and back injuries in DC, look here.

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It is important to act quickly in any injury case. The more time that passes between the onset of your injury and the filing of your claim, the more difficult it can be to contact witnesses and gather evidence. Our attorneys are ready to fight for you to obtain the compensation you need and deserve. No settlement can wipe away the accident or the resulting pain you have suffered, but a monetary award can get you compensation for any financial hardships that have resulted from your injuries, including payment for medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. To find out how to proceed with your claim, call Price Benowitz LLP for a free consultation.