When you are involved in an accident or are the victim of another individual’s negligence, invariably you will have a number of questions with respect to pursuing legal action. The personal injury attorneys of Price Benowitz LLP understand that there is likely a lot on your mind, and as such, we have prepared a compilation of some of the most commonly asked questions by clients. Whether or not you should take photos of the accident, whether you can be counter-sued, and whether you should speak to an insurance company after an accident are all questions posed frequently to the attorneys of Price Benowitz LLP. However, these FAQs are by no means an exhaustive resource, and if you have suffered harm or losses as a result of an injury or accident, it is important that you consult with experienced legal counsel. The attorneys of Price Benowitz LLP are ready and willing to discuss the facts of your case, and offer a free initial consultation in furtherance of assisting you. If you are the victim of another party’s negligence, give our attorneys a call at (202) 600-9400 and we can discuss the best options for your case.